Happy Dragon and Dancing Phoenix Qi Gong – quite possibly the simplist most effective Qi Gong. Sally’s teacher was the late Qi Gong Master Sam Qian of China Guo-Lin New Qi Gong Research Society, Beijing.

Consists of two exercises whose combined benefits include: tone & shape waist, hips and thighs; strengthen muscles of back, abdomen, neck, shoulders, arms and legs; stimulates internal organs and improves digestive processes; benefits spine, nervous system and meridian system; calms the mind; harmonises energy flow; improves overall wellbeing as it stimulates the endocrine system [the hormonal system] and increases circulation; improves skin tone; benefits respiration and lung function; regulates weight and improves physique.

This Qi Gong is also part of the Taoist Tantric Workshop for couples [see below].

This is taught either in weekly classes or over a two day workshop.

LONGEVITY QI GONG – BA DUAN JIN [Taoist Wu Dang Shan version]

Sally’s teacher, Qi Gong Master Yuan Xie Guan, Taoist Monk from Wudang Shan, Hu Bei Province.  This is one of the oldest forms of Qi Gong, dating back 3,000 years.  It is also known as Ba Duan Jin or Eight Pieces of Brocade and is similar to the Qi Gong of the Shaolin Temple monks.

Each of the movements benefit different parts of the body and Qi-network and are a means of maintaining the health of your Qi.  The movements regulate all internal organs, from your heart and lungs in the upper torso, to your kidneys and intestines in the lower abdomen. Twisting movements regulate liver and spleen and stimulate kidneys. Longevity Qi Gong also relaxes tendons and improves joint mobility, stretches and lengthens muscles, thus helping improve posture and functionality of joints.  They relieve fatigue; increase inhalation and thus improved oxygenation of cells; invigorate the muscles and bones of the whole body, particularly back, neck, shoulders and waist; help relieve high blood pressure; improve circulation of Qi, blood and oxygen; assist in regulating fluid metabolism; relax the nervous system; calms the mind; sharpens your ability to focus and connect you with the Dao.

Daoist Longevity Qi Gong is a great way to condition your body’s Qi network which in turn provides you with improved health.

This is taught either in weekly classes or over a weekend workshop.


Sally’s teacher was the late Master Doctor Chen Hong Lin, who was a profound Qi Gong Healing Doctor. This set of Qi Gong exercises is what he taught his patients to help them heal as well as to those who wanted to maintain and improve their health.

This is a set of 12 movements which offer profound benefits ~ physically, mentally and emotionally. They strongly activate and generate Qi while also strengthening and toning muscles; massaging internal organs helping them to function more efficiently; and improving blood circulation ~ which is good for everything!

They also calm and settle the mind allowing you to deal more effectively with stress; helping you to stay centred and grounded.

This is taught in weekly classes.


Sally has had several teachers of this style in China and John Dolic in Australia.

This is the only Qi Gong I have learned that specifically feeds the Middle Dan Tien or Heart Centre [as opposed to the Lower Dan Tien which all other Qi Gong’s energetically feed]. This consists of a sequence of 15 movements of the arms only. It is easy to learn, requires no particular concentration and really helps with clearing upper body energy stagnation, ie stiff shoulders or neck, as it powerfully activates the meridians and energy centres of the arms, chest, neck and head. This tends to transform the energy and opens the meridians to allow Qi to flow fluidly.

The history of this Qi Gong set is that when practised several times daily over time has the potential to clear all meridians in the body, not just those of the arms.  Naturally enough since all 12 of them are connected like a continuous series of canals or rivers, flowing one into the next until returning back to the beginning. It is most useful in helping conditions like asthma, arthritis, stress related sleep problems.

This is a wonderfully simple series of Qi Gong movements that can be done independently or used as a warm up for other forms.  Either way, it helps to open one’s heart centre to allow the free flow of Universal Qi.

This is taught in a three hour session or often included as a warm up when teaching other forms of Qi Gong.

BODY MIND HARMONICS – Emotional Energy Exercises

Sally has created this series based on teachings from Dr Chen and Mantak Chia’s Healing Sounds Qi Gong.

A series of six exercises [Gongs] combining movement, breath, sound, colour and visualisation; each Gong aligns with a specific Organ and Meridian in the Qi network; each of these in turn have their own emotional expression when in balance as well as out of balance. The nature of this series of Qi Gong is to rebalance your Emotional Qi so that your system naturally expresses positive, balanced emotions, rather than negative, unbalanced emotions. Emotions are natural and normal and it is normal to feel certain “negative” emotions at times, however, if those emotions begin to run your life and you think that is just who you are, be aware that it is possible to reclaim balance and harmony and to maintain it by learning how to harmonise your mind, body and Qi.

This is taught in a one day workshop.

SHI BA SHI – 18 Movement Tai Ji Qi Gong

Sally’s teacher is Master Zhang Hao, she also learned this style from Pamella Anthony and Simon Blow.

A fluid and flowing form of healing Qi Gong which resembles Tai Ji Quan by the fact that the movements train you to “stand firm as a mountain, flow like a great river and walk like a cat”.. It has the effect of harmonising body and mind, promotes a letting-go or freeing of the spirit and helps to restore vitality. The movements are graceful and allow your body to flow freely helping to restore vitality, strengthen the body’s protecting energy [immunity], regulates blood pressure, oxygenates blood and calms the mind.

Taught through weekly classes – can be taught as a half day workshop,


Sally’s teachers, Dr Chen Hong Lin, B. K. Frantzis, Mantak Chia.

While all forms of Qi Gong have some sort of healing benefits, this Qi Gong is specifically for healers to increase their own ability to transmit Qi while performing their particular healing skill. It consists of 4 primary exercises which help to clear the meridians [Qi pathways] of the arms, opening their connection to the Heart Centre; intensify the quality and flow of Qi to the hands; and ground the Qi so the practitioner is neither drained nor left with any residual toxic or sick Qi from their patient.

Sally usually teaches these as part of a Meridan Massage training; it can also be taught and used independently and is especially good for massage therapists, acupuncturists, energy healers and anyone who is interested in improving the function of their own energetic system.

TAOIST TANTRIC QI GONG – Harmonising the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within

Sally’s teachers include Matak Chia and Dr Stephen Chen, however, much has been learned intuitively as she connected with and developed her own feminine side in her travels through several realtionships and her need to find ways to create and maintain harmony as well as great sex for herself and her partners.

This is Qi Gong for couples to improve their love making and bring harmony into their relationship, as well as taking the relationship to another more spiritual level.

This consists of the Happy Dragon and Dancing Phoenix Qi Gong exercises, as described above and several other more meditational Qi Gongs, such as The Deer, to tap into the core energy of the body and connecting the Sexual Energy Centre with the Spiritual Energy Centre – the alchemical sacred marriage of Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine Energy. As part of this course Sally also teaches The Five Tibetan Rites to accelerate and charge the Chakras.

This is taught either over 4 x 2 hour weekly classes or 2 x 4 hour classes, usually over a weekend.