Stress, poor nutrition, poor sleep, little physical movement, illness, etc all negatively affect the flow of Qi-energy in the body, causing possible stagnation, deficiency or reverse direction of Qi flow. This provides perfect conditions for imbalance which can then become illness.

In this one-day workshop you will learn a simple yet effective method for self-healing using Qi Gong and massage. You will learn about the meridians and their role in your health maintenance; you will learn some acu-points and their function in returning your Qi system to balance if or when it gets off track.

The benefits of this knowledge are that you will have some valuable tools to help yourself, your family and your friends regain or maintain a degree of health. This essentially is a form of preventing illness and learning to recognise small signs that indicate your energy is not working properly which can potentially lead to health challenges.

Cost: $120 [includes gst]

or $88 if paid in full 10 days before workshop date.