Welcome to The Art Of Qi with Sally Yasukawa

One of the broadest principles underlying all systems of philosophy is that they are a description or a map of nature.  They describe how things, including people are, how they are able to be observed and how they fit into the web of life. The Art Of Qi is one such map. Its theory evolved thousands of years ago, is based in Taoist philosophy and became an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Integrating her deep knowledge of Taoist Philosophy, Qi Gong, Chinese medicine and contemporary Metaphysics, Sally presents a wealth of insight that bridges meaning between ancient Eastern texts and modern Western elements.  It is her desire to empower people by sharing knowledge she has gained over the past 40 years. Sally is also a published author of health-related articles in WellBeing Magazine, SpaLife Australia, Insight Health, The Planet Newspaper and Qi Journal Encyclopedia – http://www.qi-encyclopedia.com/?article=What%20is%20The%20Nature%20of%20Qi 

The Art Of Qi website provides an opportunity for Sally to present articles, cds and newsletters with those who may be interested to learn about themselves from the perspective of Qi. You will also find dates and locations of current classes and workshops.

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Old Chinese proverb about Peace:

When there is light in the soul; There is beauty in the person;
When there is beauty in the person; There is harmony in the home;
When there is harmony in the home; There is honour in the nation;
When there is honour in the nation; There is peace in the world.

En-lighten your soul and let your beauty shine
so that peace may prevail on Earth.