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What is Qi?

The Nature of Qi

Qi is the body’s vital life force; it is the formless aspect of life which disappears at death. Often referred to simply as energy, Qi is really much more than our understanding of energy. It can also be perceived of as Light.

The concept of Qi is fundamental to Chinese medical thinking. In fact , ordinary members of Chinese society know and understand the idea of Qi. There is, however, no English word, phrase or even idea that can adequately capture it’s meaning. Although we use vital life force or energy to gain an impression of the Chinese perspective, it still does not fully convey the concept as the character for Qi would to a Chinese person [particularly one educated in classical Chinese]. The character is made of two parts: one part is the character for rice and the other, reflects the notion of steam rising from cooked rice; this combination gives the imagery of something light, etheric and potent coming from nourishing food.

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Qi Gong Medicineless Hospital

Qi Gong – Medicineless Miracles

I have seen the video quoted here presented by Gregg Braden in Sydney a couple of years ago. The following description of this video taken from Gregg’s book, The Isiah Effect, came to me by email from Mary Robertson Reynolds ~ whose websites and are like visual Qi Gong!!

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Qi Gong Basics Part 3

The Pendulum to Empty the Mind and Feel the Qi

Begin by standing as above with your tongue on the roof of your mouth and your arms by your sides. Turn your hands so that the palms face in toward the body and breathe slowly and deeply. Now think about how a pendulum swings – it moves through an arc, swinging effortlessly. Your arms are the pendulums; begin to let them swing back and forward, keeping elbows straight but not locked tight. Allow your arms to swing forward and back an equal distance feeling the rhythm and momentum of the swing take on its own life without you really having to make your arms move.

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Qi Gong Basics Part 2


Have you ever watched a baby breathing – their belly rises and falls as they breathe in and out. This is what the Chinese consider to be our natural breath and this is how we breathe in Qi Gong.

While standing as above place your hands over your lower abdomen just below your belly button – women place right hand over left and men opposite. Begin to breathe in while expanding your lower abdomen, feel your hands being pushed outwards, then as you breathe out let your abdomen relax and gently contract inwards. Breathe in and out through your nose; do not force your breath keep it natural. Continue to breathe in this fashion throughout the whole exercise.

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Qi Gong Basics Part 1

Qi Gong is a Chinese way to health, fitness, beautiful skin and hair, weight loss, longevity, a calm mind and high energy.

Do you think it is possible to achieve all this while standing still? It is, when you stand in a very special way. In this article I would like to introduce you to the art of Qi Gong. You will be able to learn this exercise [not that you do much moving!] and if you practice it patiently each day, in time you will be rewarded with improved health and fitness. As you continue to practise your body adjusts internally and externally. You feel better and you look better – and it makes no difference whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, overweight or underweight – you will look better but most importantly, you will feel better than when you began.

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