Sally Yasukawa has a great interest in the anti-ageing or longevity attributes of Oriental philosophies of health and wellness, particularly traditional Chinese medicine and Internal Martial Arts. Traditional Chinese medicine [TCM] is first and foremost a form of prevention of ill-health. Over it’s vast history a great many means has been found to maintain youthful vigor into old age. It is primarily because of their knowledge of how our bodies energetic systems functions that they have been able to devise various therapies and movements that specifically access and activate this system.

Sally is also very passionate about helping women to access specific energies to assist them in regulating and harmonising their hormone system.  See below for new classes.

Sally teaches a variety of these therapies and exercises in classes and workshops. For a detailed list of styles available click on Qi Gong Styles Available tab above. Current classes are listed below:


Weekly classes combine both movement and meditation, with a focus on breath and intention to calm the mind.  Held on  Central Coast, NSW Australia.

We are currently on holiday; new classes will begin toward the end of February 2014.

Each class runs for approximately 80 minutes and is open to all people of any level of physical fitness.

Please call before coming to a class for information on entry.

Cost:  $140/8 week term;  $23 per individual class.

This series is a set of Tai Ji moves known as Shi Ba Shi as well as Daoist style of Ba Duan Jin, a form of healing Qi Gong.

Tai Ji Quan is the gentle ancient Chinese art of cultivating the mind and body.  It is a meditative exercise and a soft form of martial art. Its techniques and training are mainly focused on cultivation of the mind and strengthening of the body through the use of soft flowing movements.

Tai Ji training affects internal and external aspects of the body. It exercises the limbs, tendons and bones.  All this exercise releases Qi energy.  The body’s movement is directed by breathing during training. These physical factors are co-ordinated, making the exercise holistic. During exercise, circulation is increased; the practitioner sweats without straining. Since heat and sweat come from internal exercise, it may be assumed that Tai Ji : Qi Gong is also a technique to exercise internal organs. This is a unique characteristic.

Thus the benefit of practising Tai Ji : Qi Gong is that every day the body becomes healthier and stronger, the mind is calmer and the mental state clearer.  The practise of Tai Ji : Qi Gong does not oppose the practise of other forms of exercise or dance. On the contrary, because it improves the health and harmony of the body and mind, it can be used to enhance other disciplines.




This is a workshop for women to help develop an attractive energetic presence and endless creative energy based on your own Feminine Essence.  We are now meeting once a month on the Friday evening closest to the Full Moon, in order to take advantage of the Moon’s feminine/Yin energy.

                      Your Feminine Essence is your power centre;   It is the juice that drives women.

With these exercises and meditations you will increase your personal presence; connect more deeply with your Source; experience more passion & sensuality in your life; learn how to be in more control of your own hormones; and enhance your love life.

The benefits include greater control of your energetic system; the ability to regulate your menstrual cycle and your emotions; improve your sexual energy; as well as tapping into an endless source of creative energy.