Sally Yasukawa is an Acupuncturist, Qi Gong Healing Therapist, Bodyworker, Metaphysical Teacher and Healer. She has been involved in many aspects of Chinese Energetic Philosophies since 1975. Beginning with studying calligraphy, Taoist philosophy and Tai Ji Quan.


Having studied Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Remedial Massage Sally became interested in the health and wellbeing of the body. This led to an invitation to become an apprentice to a Chinese medicine practitioner in Sydney, Dr Tennyson Yiu, Ph.D., where she learned the basics of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong – or The Art Of Qi in motion!

In 1982 Sally attended China’s 31st International Acupuncture Training Program in Shanghai for doctors of Western medicine, she was fortunate to attend this course although she is not trained in Western medicine. This was an intense study and practical training course where the students also worked in hospitals treating patients.

Sally followed this training in 1983 with an internship of 3 months work and study at the Zhejiang Traditional Medicine Research Institute, Hangzhou, working as an acupuncture student doctor at The Red Cross Hospital and at the Zhejiang Research Institute’s Hospital. At the completion of this course, Professor Lou Bai Ceng, the Institute’s acupuncture “elder” and one of China’s then “living national treasures”, invited her to become his “God-daughter” or personal student. This provided her with some private tuition from one of China’s most highly respected Doctors of Acupuncture. She followed this with two more visits to China in 1984 and 1985 to do more training with Professor Luo.

In 1987 Sally spent 3 months in intense training in Qi Gong with Dr Chen Hong Ling, learning Healing Qi Gong exercises and a Qi Gong Healing Massage. Again Sally was chosen as Chen’s personal student, when he presented her with his personal Qi Gong training suit in honour of her outstanding understanding and application of his particular style of Qi Gong Healing.

In 1987 and 1988 Sally studied in the US with The American Imagery Institute and in particular with Dr Don Pachutta of The Johns Hopkins Hospital who introduced her to the power of imagery in healing and to the imagery inherent in traditional Chinese medicine. This expanded her knowledge and abilities as a practitioner and led to further study with Dr Pachutta’s Self Mastery Course : The Life You Save Could Be Your Own!

During the 1990’s Sally completed a Diploma of Metaphysical Sciences. Her final thesis, titled “Metaphysics and Alchemy of the Tao ~ Reclaiming the Feminine Spirit of Life”, received the award for Best Thesis. The information contained is the essential expression of Sally’s deep love and understanding of Taoist philosophy, metaphysics and her desire to bring attention to the need for us all to reclaim our own feminine spirit, in order to bring more peace to our world.

In 2005 Sally and her partner Doug spent 2 months in China travelling and studying with various Qi Gong Masters, most notably with Master Yuan Xiu Gang a Taoist Monk of Wudang Shan Gong Fu School.

Sally has studyed Five Element Acupuncture and Esoteric Acupuncture, which are more Taoist-Shamanic approaches to treating the Spirit of the individual whereas traditional Chinese medicine is more focused on treating the energetic imbalances. Although her practice over the past two decades has been moving in this direction, this style of looking and treating the being is more about getting to the core of the individual and their issues as well as bringing more Light to their Spirit.

Sally is also a Reiki-Radiance Practitioner, has done 9 Vipassana Meditation Retreats [until they decided they didn’t like Reiki practitioners and banned her from continuing while on her 10th course!!]. She has done many different self development courses not only to improve her skills but to help herself to evolve to become a self actualised individual.