Qi Controls the Body ~ Mind Controls the Qi

Your Biography Becomes Your Biology

If you are wondering what science would make of such an idea I suggest you look up a lecture given by brain scientist, Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, you will find it listed on the website of TED Talks [http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/229]. Jill had a stroke on the left side of her brain, and instantly experienced the vastness of possibilities available to us when we are able to shift our focus from our often over-loaded, rational, box-world left hemisphere and move into our irrational, creative and expansive right hemisphere.

While the practise of Qi Gong or Tai Ji Quan is not exactly the same experience, they do provide you with the opportunity and ability to be able to shift from one to the other more readily. Giving you greater access to the power of your whole mind. This is also much the same as the experience of regular meditators, musicians and artists.

Why is this important? We are so programmed into believing that we have no control over our bodies and that simply by eating healthy food, drinking pure water, doing a bit of exercise and breathing fresh air will keep us in good health. Certainly this is true especially if the food is so fresh that it’s life force or Qi is still in tact [if only!!] and the exercises are Qi Gong or similar, otherwise we are only working on the physical level and neglecting the Qi.

You can elevate you health by using your mind to inform and activate your Qi. However, if your levels of Qi are low, it is very difficult to increase them this way.

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