Emotional Transformation Part 3

Find the Light in the Soul

1) Lungs and Large Intestine

When out of balance I express jealousy, envy, defensive pride stubbornness, selfishness, greed and despondency. I can be stoic, hypersensitive and judgemental. I can’t let go of the past. I wallow in self-pity. I crave or dislike spicy foods. My vice is gambling.

When in balance: I am a strong and stable person who is open and receptive. I easily take in new ideas and am non-attached to outcomes, material possessions or emotions. I am a good provider and I handle money well. I have integrity and exercise right judgement.

2) Kidneys and Bladder

When out of balance I express fear, mistrust, suspicion, paranoia, timidity, apprehension. I have panic attacks. I may be foolhardy and I often feel inadequate. I may have an inferiority complex or I may feel superior to others. I crave or dislike salty foods. I overindulge in alcohol.

When in balance: I am a person with dignity and vitality. I have a powerful inner strength and will. I am persistent and have long staying power. I have a gentle inner calmness and alert awareness. I see adversity as a challenge to be overcome. I have healthy sexual relationships. I am not afraid to show my pride.

3) Liver and Gall Bladder

When out of balance I express anger, frustration, resentment, depression, irritation and hostility. I run guilt trips on myself and/or others. I am moody and I get bored easily. I have no motivation to change. My life is stuck in a rut. I can be very competitive and may rush around like a chook with its head cut off. I crave or dislike sour foods.


When in balance: I am a responsible, self-motivated person who uses active imagination to make positive changes and choices in my life. I am creative, powerful and kind. I am in touch with my own higher purpose and am committed to self growth. I choose right relationships and am able to define my own boundaries. I have a vision and plan for my future.

4) Heart and Small Intestine

When out of balance I express despair, sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, nervousness, self-doubt, intolerance, and impatience. I can be hasty and arrogant. I can be cruel with tendencies towards violence. I have low self-esteem and can sometimes become hysterical. I crave or dislike bitter foods. I misuse my energy in politics or sex.

When in balance: I am a person with an enthusiastic joy for life. I am creative and have great passion for expressing my creativity. I am honest and sincere. I have a heart of gold. I love life and I love myself. Therefore, I choose loving relationships as I am unafraid to open my heart.

5) Spleen and Stomach

When out of balance I express anxiety, worry, indifference, obsessive actions and behaviours. I crave sympathy. I am forgetful, needy, and absent-minded. I crave or dislike sweet foods and I either under eat or over eat. I play mind games.

When in balance: I am a balanced and sensible person who shows a great amount of fairness and compassion. I have an empathetic oneness with everything. I am considerate and generous in all dealings. I am grounded and centred. I nourish and nurture myself. I am honest. I have a quick mind and am creative in thoughts and ideas.

Try writing down all those marked (b). Now read it through from beginning to end. Now you have found the Light in your Soul.

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